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Welcome to the Beginnings at MFS Blog. Stop back each week to see posts on exciting things we did in class, photos, group events, and more in our Preschool, Prekindergarten and Kindergarten.

The Value of Sustained Exploration

There is value to sustained exploration. When children are invested in their work, they are motivated to go farther, find nuance, and challenge themselves to learn more. As adults we can capture this excitement, instigating learning as well as sharing in the joy of discovery. This can be called Project Based Learning.

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Teaching the Value of Sharing

Imagine the following situation: Susie is playing with a truck in the sandbox. Jalen comes over and says that he wants the truck. Susie turns away and keeps playing. Let’s examine how we can empower all children, to be active sharers.

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Lower School Classes “Adopt” Varsity Sports Teams

This fall, a few Lower School classes have “adopted” a varsity sports team. Throughout the fall season, the Lower School students befriended and followed the athletic progress of the Upper School members of the Girls’ Tennis, Field Hockey, Girls’ Soccer, Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Cross Country, and Boys’ Cross Country teams.

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Photo Gallery – Kindergarten Soup

To celebrate Thanksgiving, the kindergarten classes came read the book Growing Vegetable Soup and chopped up vegetables to make their own special recipe to share with one another.

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Kelly’s Korner: Conflict Resolution Skills

The skills needed for resolving conflict effectively are essential for emotional health—and these skills are complex, involving managing feelings, communicating effectively, developing options and making decisions. All caregivers (teachers and families) play a critical role in establishing positive guidance that teaches children the skills needed to resolve conflicts effectively.

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Prekindergarten Class Produces Week-Long Theatrical Performance

Paige Bloom’s prekindergarten class produced their own original show called “The Stolen Crown.” Each student had a role in the production, including: actor, stage manager, director, marketer, lighting engineer, set designer, costumer, sound technician, and concessions manager.

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