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Welcome to the Beginnings at MFS Blog. Stop back each week to see posts on exciting things we did in class, photos, group events, and more in our Preschool, Prekindergarten and Kindergarten.

Photo Gallery – Kindergarten Butterfly Study

In Kindergarten, the students investigate the characteristics of insects and different types of insects. The students learn about the stages of the life cycle as the caterpillar turns into a chrysalis and then emerges as a butterfly. The students write down their observations in a special journal and learn what is means to be a scientist.

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Why Early Musical Education Can Unlock Developmental Potential

Music is a language of joy, which brings people together, creating connections that are shared between communities and generations while also evoking deep personal feelings and emotions. While music plays a part in the lives of all people – adults and children alike – there are developmental reasons for teaching music at a young age.

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Kelly’s Korner: Lower School Art Show

One aspect of our Lower School art show that is unique and distinctly MFS is our community art pieces. Under the guidance of Art Teacher Tara Wosiski, students as young as preschool work with students through fifth grade to cooperatively create community works of art that are rooted in Quaker values.

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Prekindergarten Letter Writing Project

The learning potential of the Prekindergarten Letter Writing Project included multiple disciplines – writing, understanding the parts of an address, geography, and math skills.

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Celebrating Earth Day in Prekindergarten

To mark the special occasion on April 22, the two prekindergarten classes came together for stories and activities that taught the students about why Earth Day in Prekindergarten is a cause for celebration.

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Kelly’s Korner: Multidivisional Partnerships

Building school spirit and a supportive community are important goals of all multidivisional partnerships. Whether through a cross-divisional curricular project, Teachers’ Aide/Buddy program, or the adoption of a sports team, multidivisional partnerships and experiences are a unique and memorable part of an MFS education!

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