The Moorestown Friends School Early Childhood Program

Kindergarten Authors Participate in Multi-Level Sharing

Kindergarten Authors

Kindergarten Authors

A few times a year, kindergarteners will join with their older peers in the Lower School for Multi-Level Author Sharing. Multiple groups of mixed ages, from Kindergarten to Grade 4, will gather together to share a piece of writing. This activity allows all students to practice their public speaking skills and fosters a sense community among Lower School students.

How-To Guides Written by Kindergarteners

For this February session of Multi-Level Author Sharing, the kindergarten authors shared their How-To guides. A few topics that were covered were how to make a PB&J sandwich, how to have a sleepover, and how to participate in Physical Education class. After reading their piece aloud and showing pictures, each of the kindergarten authors answered questions and received feedback from their peers.

Goals of Multi-Level Author Sharing

  • For students to be able to work in multi-age groups throughout the school year
  • For students to engage in a “writers group” that shares finished works and story ideas
  • For students to be in a small enough group so that stories and illustrations can be effectively shared and writers can receive feedback on their stories/seeds from peers