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The Moorestown Friends Earth Day in Prekindergarten

Earth Day in Prekindergarten

Earth Day in Prekindergarten

To mark the special occasion on April 22, the two prekindergarten classes came together for stories and activities that taught the students about why Earth Day in Prekindergarten is a cause for celebration. The students, along with family volunteers, discussed the importance of taking care of the planet and what they can do themselves to keep the Earth clean and healthy.

Visitors from Sustainable Moorestown shared a video describing where recycled materials go after pick up and exactly what happens during the sorting process at the plant. To help foster understanding of what items can and can not be recycled, the prekindergarteners helped sort recycled materials.

Working in groups, the children rotated through four special Earth Day in Prekindergarten activities: outdoor flower planting, sponge painting reusable canvas shopping bags, sorting recyclables from home and school using proper containers,  and making bird feeders using recyclable toilet paper tubes. The prekindergarteners then hung their bird feeders on trees along the sidewalk of the Lower School building.

If you ask any of the students what are the four R’s that they learned during the Earth Day in Prekindergarten, they will happily teach you to:

  1. Reduce the amount of trash thrown away into landfills.
  2. Reuse items when possible instead of throwing them away.
  3. Recycle items so they can be made into new things.
  4. Rethink what we buy and use.