The Moorestown Friends School Early Childhood Program

Cubetto in Preschool Coding Class

To introduce the concept of coding, preschoolers met Cubetto, a small wooden robot that is programmed with puzzle pieces. The young coders identified what they noticed about the robot (it has wheels, it turns on, it has a face) before thinking about what actions Cubetto could possibly do, based on those observations. Next, they made some educated guesses about how they could direct Cubetto in Preschool Coding Class with the puzzle pieces. The next time Mrs. Kaplan teaches a lesson with Cubetto in Coding Class, the students will have an idea of the actions of each puzzle piece, and they will be ready for the challenges of navigating Cubetto to different places on maps. While learning some basic coding concepts, the children are also learning and applying geography skills — navigating, learning map symbols, and exploring new places!