The Moorestown Friends School Early Childhood Program

How Moorestown Friends Celebrates the 100th Day of School in Kindergarten

February 23 was a special day as it marked the 100th Day of School in Kindergarten. The two kindergarten classes enjoyed many fun and unique activities that included math skills, reading, teamwork, and public speaking. The students each brought in 100 of a certain object, and the classes discussed why 100 of one item may look different than 100 of another item. For example, why 100 paper clips looks like a lesser quantity than 100 Legos. The kindergarteners then sorted their items into groups of 10 to practice counting by multiples of 10. Next, in pairs, the students read aloud and shared their 100th Day of School in Kindergarten books they created. Lastly, the kindergarteners decorated their big 100th Day party hats and paper glasses in the shape of 100.