The Moorestown Friends School Early Childhood Program

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Beginnings at MFS Blog

Welcome to the Beginnings at MFS Blog. Stop back each week to see posts on exciting things we did in class, photos, group events, and more in our Preschool, Prekindergarten and Kindergarten.

MFS One of Few Schools in U.S. To Offer Coding to Lower School Students

MFS is one of the few schools in the United States to provide Coding classes to all Lower School students, including preschoolers. The course is part of the Lower School’s “specials” rotation that also includes Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, Quaker Education, Computer Science. Students participate in Coding class twice every six days.

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Egg to Chick Hatching Study in Prekindergarten

Each year, prekindergarten classes engage in an egg to chick hatching study. The students learn about the 21-day life cycle of a chick, explore the biology of other animals that lay eggs, record their scientific observations in a journal, and discover the different qualities of eggs through multiple experiments.

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Spiders: Prekindergarten Passion Project

One day on the playground, Paige Bloom’s prekindergarten class discovered a Daddy Longlegs spider and was captivated by the arachnid. The class was equally fixated and excited when another spider was discovered in the classroom, and so an unexpected classroom unit studying spiders began.

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Project-Based Learning through Birthday Parties in Preschool

Preschool students in Stephanie Morris’s class have been enjoying a unit based on the theme of birthday celebrations. Three- and four-year-old students are writing invitations, wrapping presents, hosting make-believe parties, and making Play-Doh cupcakes and cakes. Through these activities, the preschoolers are learning content knowledge about the special occasion, and developing a number of skills along the way.

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Kelly’s Korner: Collaborating with Faculty

Although it is commonly known how hard our Lower School teachers work (teachers frequently beat me into school when I arrive at 6:45 a.m. and are often still present 10-12 hours later), I am not certain most are aware of the amount of collaboration that takes place among our teachers. I hope this glimpse into the meeting life of our teachers illustrates what deeply committed professionals they are and how thoughtfully and collaboratively they craft an excellent educational experience for your children.

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